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Lismore born Anzac Joe Stratford

Lismore man led the charge on Anzac Cove

Lismore man Joe Stratford is believed to be the first Anzac to charge on to the beach at what would later be called Anzac Cove on that fateful April 15 dawn in 1915.

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The following is a series of historical articles prepared for the Richmond River Historical Society and published by permission of the Society and author.

The Browns of Browns Creek

In Lismore today most people would travel over Browns Creek without knowing it was there, especially if they were going over the track from Richmond Lane Car Park to Zadoc Street. On most maps of Lismore it does not appear. However, it has a long history and so does the family who gave its name to the Creek.

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831 The Browns of Browns Creek

757 Keith Virtue, pioneer airmanKeith Virtue, pioneer airman

The history of air travel and transport to the Northern Rivers Area is long and involved. It includes some famous names like Kingsford-Smith, Ulm, Stinson and Ansett. There was great interest in flying after the First World War and many of the famous aviators of the time came here offering joy flights to the bravest. Most of these pilots had served in the infant air force and they were keen to continue flying.

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Sugar Mills and Tram Lines

In the early 1980s J. Browning wrote an interesting article on the sugar mills which were once very important at Alstonville and Rous, and on the tramway which took the cane from cane-fields to mills. It is not known who the author was but perhaps he was a local school teacher of the time.

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718 Sugar Mills and Tram Lines

582 Rebecca Rishworth and ChristmasRebecca Rishworth and Christmas

These days we go to the supermarket and buy a great many delicacies for Christmas, most of which are either given away to others, thrown out because they went stale before they could be consumed or were not as nice as they appeared, or they are eaten in great quantities which either increase our obesity or make us ill. Why does this happen?

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573 John Peate and familyJohn Peate and family

In the early 1800s Australia was seen as a young man’s country. It was thought that there was adventure, plenty of work, and every hope of becoming wealthy within a few years. In some ways this was true, but it depended greatly on the individual young man as to whether there was success or failure.

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The Amazing Jens Christian Frederiksen

Most of us live a rather ordinary life. We follow the leader, do what we are supposed to do, have very few fresh ideas or cannot make others see how important these ideas are, and when we leave there is hardly a ripple to be seen on the water. Some others, however, are born to survive, adapt to new circumstances, and succeed in anything they undertake. Such a one was Jens Christian Frederiksen.

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529 The Amazing Jens Christian Frederiksen

510 James Stocks -chemist, businessman, and citizenJames Stocks: chemist, businessman, and citizen

It is just over 100 years since the first Mayor of Lismore died at the age of 80. He was James Stocks who had been born in Yorkshire, England, in 1826 and had arrived in New South Wales with his wife, Elizabeth Tate, and young son in 1854. Stocks had qualified as a dispensing chemist in England and had considerable experience in this field before emigrating.

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Mary Girard, an Amazing Woman

Kevin Olivieri has been delving into the early life of Mary Girard, a pioneer of Lismore and Dungarubba. It is Mary after whom Girards Hill in Lismore was named and it was she who lived at Lismore House after she purchased Lismore Station from William Wilson in 1861.

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490 Mary Girard, An Amazing Woman





Air Force Days at Evans Head

Few probably realise just how important the Air Force Base at Evans Head was in both the training of air force personnel and in the defence of the coastline in this area. If asked most people would say that pilots were trained at Evans Head. However, this is not correct. The Base had a Bombing and Gunnery School, and later an Air Observers/Navigators School.

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Evans Head

 George DanieGeorge H. Daniel, Lismore Schoolmaster

George Hancock Daniel was the third state school teacher to be appointed to Lismore and arrived in 1875. A school had been established in 1862 in a slab hut built on the corner of Keen and Woodlark Streets. Prior to this tutors or private teachers had provided the only education available.

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